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Educating and empowering others to become their own coach!

Tyler Fish is a Minnesota-born explorer, coach, educator and author.

Tyler is one of two members of the first American Unsupported Expedition to the North Pole in 2009. That achievement, which took 55 days to complete, is the culmination of years of expeditionary and competitive success and failure- both relevant teachers to any educator, coach, passionate individual or purposeful team.

Many years since reaching the pole, Tyler is constantly adapting and reinterpreting the lessons leading to and from that endeavor. He is currently a Learning Specialist with the Outward Bound Professional Learning Lab and a Nordic ski coach for the Ely Timberwolves.

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Forward – the Book Winner of an IBPA 2012 Benjamin Franklin Award.

On a perfect day in March, 2009, with the temperature hovering near -40° Fahrenheit, John Huston and Tyler Fish stepped off the North American continent and onto the frozen, jumbled surface of the Arctic Ocean. The two seasoned adventurers had their sights set on one goal: to travel under their own power to the North Pole without resupply. If they succeeded, they’d be the first Americans to do so. Forward is their story.

Richly illustrated with photos, maps, and charts, Forward takes readers across the ice and into the lives of both men, revealing how and why they attempted their unsupported trek to the Pole.

Tyler Fish Explorer


Engaged in leadership education for twenty years. Tyler believes that leadership and education are both trying to accomplish the same end: to move a person or team on to the next phase.

Through perspective, challenge and support, he utilizes various approaches to push thoughts and feelings into action. Tyler believes in doing and being forward-focused. For him, the key is seeing the right possibilities and then leveraging the opportunities that matter.

His leadership approach promotes the structure and relationships to sustain momentum, balances the big picture with the details, and cultivates an environment that fuels motivation.

Tyler Fish Coach


Tyler is equal parts educator, mentor and coach. He has worked with teenagers, adults, parents, educators and athletes. Armed with the belief that success comes not from brilliant moments but rather from being consistent, Tyler encourages others to act on the probable and avoid negative patterns that limit perspective. Coaching people to understand their motivation is key, whether it is internal, relationship-based or environmental.

Ultimately his goal is to educate and empower others to become their own coach.

Tyler Fish Author


Through wilderness travel, coaching athletes and collaborating on leadership teams, Tyler Fish has spent years designing training and honing presentations. He believes that experiential education is relevant in any setting, especially real life. Through all of his endeavors Tyler focuses on the engaging education of character as a key to long-term success, a catalyst for change and an inspiration for others.

His presentations include tales not only from the historic North Pole ‘09 expedition, but also a myriad of expeditions as an Outward Bound instructor from Texas to Manitoba, having facilitated adventure challenge, character education and growth experiences for over 22 years. Speaking engagements are multi-faceted with different media and can serve diverse audiences. All presentations can be tailored to the size and type of group and your desired outcomes.

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